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assignment 3 - ASSIGN MENT #3 Solution1 : Goals of...

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Unformatted text preview: ASSIGN MENT #3 Solution1 : Goals of multiplexing Many digital data streams and analog signals are combined into single signal over a shared communication medium so that the efficiency factor can be achieved. MUX allows simultaneous transmissions of multiple signals on a single data link. The cost which is incurred for transmission can be reduced by employing multiplexing. By Multiplexing the available bandwidth can be used effectively . I t divides the capacity of the low level channel into several higher level logic channels, one for each signal or the data to be transferred. Solution2 : FD M(Frequency division multiplexing) and WDM(Wavelength division multiplexing) are the two multiplexing techniques which are used to combine the analog signals . TD M(Time division multiplexing) is divided into two types i.e statistical time division multiplexing and synchronous time division multiplexing. This kind of multiplexing technique is used to combine the digital signals . Solution3:...
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assignment 3 - ASSIGN MENT #3 Solution1 : Goals of...

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