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4-1 - about 12.104 a Using the data we get a mean of 31.952...

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Johnny Stromp #010442335 12.86 We estimate that between 16.86% and 21.41% of all Americans are obese. If we multiply these figures by the total population of America, 270 million, we produce an interval estimate of the number of obese people in America. Thus, the 90% confidence interval estimates the amount of obese people in America lies between LCL = .1686 * 270 million = 45,522,000 And UCL = .2141 * 270 million = 57,807,000 12.85 We estimate that between 12.63% and 19.87% of the Toronto market would subscribe to a newspaper. Because the confidence interval does not include 12% and is in fact completely above it we can conclude that 95% of the time 12.63% to 19.87% of the Toronto market will subscribe to the newspaper. However there could be errors because it appears that in the data there are three different newspapers people answer
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Unformatted text preview: about. 12.104 a. Using the data we get a mean of 31.952 which is greater than 30 as well as the p-value equaling to .0015 which is lower than .05. Therefore we can reject the null and say that the average housing spends more than 30% on housing each year. b. By using a 95% confidence interval we get a mean of 31.952% of annual income spent on their housing per year. 12.115 After gathering the data the standard deviation and the p-value for the results are both much higher than they should be. Therefore we have enough statistical evidence to infer the number of springs requiring reworking is unacceptably large. 12.116 In a 90% confidence interval we are able to conclude that 86% of the springs are a correct length which is not enough to infer the springs are a correct length....
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