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Johnny Stromp 010442335 Bonus HW 12.31 The data gathered by the survey dealing with the amount of time executives spend reading and sending email had a 95% confidence interval of (60.758, 66,636). It also resulted with a mean of 63.698, therefore we can infer that the null hypothesis is correct. Meaning the mean amount of time spent by all executives differs from 60 minutes. 12.38 The data gathered resulted a 95% confidence interval of (14.215, 16.320).
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Unformatted text preview: Therefore we can not infer that the mean number of commercials watched is greater than 15. 12.41 a. The data gathered resulted a 99% confidence interval of (1.898, 2.298). This data had a mean of 2.098 pounds. This data concludes that since the majority of the interval is greater than 2, 99% of the time the plant will create a profit. b. I would recommend building the plant because you will usually be making a return on your investment....
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