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Johnny Stromp 010442335 9.18 a. The probability the professor works for more than 60 hours a week is 9.18%. b. The probability the mean amount of time three professors work more than 60 hours a week is 1.04%. 9.19 a. The proportion of students that eat more than 12 pizzas per month is 25.14%. b. The probability 25 students consume more than 275 pizzas is 4.75%.
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Unformatted text preview: 9.20 a. The proportion of the class that has a midterm mark of lower than 75 is 30.85%. b. The probability a class of 50 has an average midterm mark of 75 is .02%. 9.23 a. The probability the total number of customers that enter the supermarket is greater than 10000 is 2.28%....
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