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Johnny Stromp #010442335 Data HW 14 13.47 a. The 90% confidence interval for the improvement of sales between the two years is $1,300 to $38,200. b. Because the entire confidence interval is greater than 0, we are able to infer that by using the yellow pages you will improve sales 90% of the time. c. This experiment satisfies all of the required conditions because both sets of data have a large enough sample size and are both normally distributed. d. No because we are trying to find out if on average the yellow pages will improve your companies’ sales. So in order to find standardized data that can relate to all companies then many companies should be used, rather than just one.
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Unformatted text preview: 13.52 a. After reviewing the data the 95% confidence interval resulted in -$440.50 to $1482.21. Because all of the data is not greater than 0 we are not able to infer that company 1 always results in a higher tax payable. However since there is much more data above 0 than below 0, I would recommend using company 1 for a higher return most of the time. 13.93 = 2- group t-test Independent 13.97 = 2- group t-test Matched/paired 13.105 = 2- group t-test Matched/paired and Confidence Interval; t 14.3 = 1- group t-test and Confidence Interval; t 14.8 = 2- group t-test Matched/paired 14.13 = 1- group z-score and Confidence Interval; z 14.18 = 1- group z-score...
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