Hunters in the snow - Stromp 1 Johnny Stromp Prof. Wong...

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Stromp 1 Johnny Stromp Prof. Wong September 16, 2009 Composition 2 Hunters in the Snow What was the purpose of Hunters in the Snow by Tobias Wolff? Was it supposed to be a story about three men who we all felt bad about? No it actually seemed like there was not a purpose at all. There was not one character in the story that anyone could have possibly cared about. You might have been able to relate to them but that still doesn’t mean you should feel sorry for these men. All three of them have serious issues that make it a topic to discuss. Tub is a very fat man with a serious eating disorder, Kenny is quite the asshole, and Frank is a pedophile. Not one of these men lives a good honest life worth caring about. Throughout the story we learn that Tub is a very overweight man. He is so big that “the snow was shaded and had glaze on it. It held up Kenny and Frank but [he] kept falling through” (Wolff 155). Tub claimed that it was his glands that were making him fat and he couldn’t help himself. However, later in the story Tub comes clean with Frank and says, “When I said that about my glands it wasn’t true. The truth is I just shovel it in” (Wolff 161). Tub has no self control at all and pretty much lives a double life at
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Hunters in the snow - Stromp 1 Johnny Stromp Prof. Wong...

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