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Johnny Stromp Prof. Hayden English 1301 March 12, 2009 Narrative My name is James Stalwart III, but my friends call me Jimmy. Eight years ago I hit rock bottom and I had nothing. However, there was a time that money grew on trees for the Stalwart family. It began in the early 1940’s when James Stalwart, my grandfather the wildcatter, struck oil just outside of Houston, TX. He became a very successful man through the oil business and married my grandmother Helen in 1947. Helen was Caucasian like my grandfather and together in 1953 they had a son. His name was James Stalwart II, but I call him dad. My father James actually went by the name Jim since James was also my grandfather’s name. As Jim grew up he learned much about the business my grandfather built so that one day he could run it. But for now they lived a very rich life which was surrounded by other very successful entrepreneurs like themselves. My father Jim went to the most expensive private school in Houston and ended up attending Yale for college. He was a very bright young man with a top notch education. After graduating from Yale he returned back to his hometown Houston, TX, where he met my mother and his future wife Maria Gonzales. Maria had lived in Houston for all of her life and was 25 years old when she met Jim. Maria had a Hispanic father and a Caucasian mother. One day while she was working at Little John’s, which was a diner in Houston, Jim was seated in her section.
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Jim was a very classy man and was wearing a custom Italian suit. This definitely caught Maria’s eye who was a very beautiful women herself. Since Jim was single at the time and was doing very well following his dad’s footsteps he decided to ask her to have a drink with him. The date took place on a chilly October night in 1980.
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jimmy bobby - Johnny Stromp Prof. Hayden English 1301 March...

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