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Taylor Shea 2-6-11 Human Capital Career Plan While reading over some of the careers from the website, I felt like I had found a couple of jobs that sparked my interest and that would mesh well with my personality. The three jobs that I had found were a Personal Financial Advisor, Training and Developing Manager, or a Management Analysis. I believe that the classes that I am taking now and in the future will put me on the right track and will give me an edge above others competing for the same jobs in companies as the ones listed above. I hope that this career plan and also obtaining one of these jobs will help me with the goals I want to accomplish in life. (2) This semester I have two business classes in my schedule, Human capital and markets and consumers. I think that these two classes will help me achieve the goals that I want to reach and also guide me to a job once I graduate. These classes will help separate me from the crowd of people all competing for the same job. I plan to do well in these classes and try to absorb as much as possible because both classes are vital for my success. Human capital is going to be the most important because it will teach me how to communicate better with others. It will force me out of my comfort zone and make me talk to people that I have never met before. This semester will teach me a lot about how human capital in companies is important and the absolute need for it to allow maximum performance. The knowledge I will obtain from the rest of my school career will make me a top competitor fighting for the best jobs. From what I have already learned in the past year I
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know that I will become an important person to have for an employer. My strengths that I have now will continue to improve and put me above all others fighting for the job I want. (3) I have many goals in life but my most important three that I want to accomplish are, retire reasonably young, become a top employee, and make enough to allow my family to live comfortably. These are my top goals in life because I was raised with extremely little to complain about and would greatly enjoy repaying my family and friends for always being there for me. For me to retire young I will work extremely hard at whatever I end up doing and perform the best to my ability. Doing this would also help me accomplish my second goal because by performing at my maximum ability it will allow me to rise up in the corporate chain. Then by becoming a top employee or if I branch out and build my own company I will be able to support my family with the money I will be making. (4) The job that I would like most and think I would excel at would be becoming a
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shea career plan - Taylor Shea 2-6-11 Human Capital Career...

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