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Study Guide Photosynthesis: Electron transport and the light reactions A. Draw the reaction catalyzed by Photosystem II for a four electron transfer from water to oxygen. What are the roles of: 1. the Mn center; 2. the special pair of chlorophylls (the D1D2 pair) in the P680 reaction center? What is pheophytin and what is meant by “charge separation”? B. How many photons are necessary to produce one molecule of O 2 in the photosystem II reaction. Show how the photosystem II reaction generates a proton motive force. C. Draw the reaction catalyzed by the cytochrome bf complex. Show how it contributes to the proton motive force. What soluble carriers are involved? What is plastocyanin and where is it located in the chloroplast? What complex in oxidative phosphorylation is cytochrome bf similar to? D. Show the net reaction for electron flow through the various complexes that leads to one mole of O 2 evolved. How many photons of light are necessary for this conversion. How much proton motive force is generated? How much reducing power in the form of NADPH? What
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