StudyGuide-Glycolysis-Gluconeogenesis - I. Co-enzymes,...

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I. Co-enzymes, nucleotides and energy coupling 1. Using the energy coupling concept, calculate the ΔG ’o for the following reactions. PEP + ADP → pyruvate + ATP Glycerol + ATP → glycerol -3-phosphate + ADP UTP + glucose -1-phosphate +H 2 O →UDP -glucose +2 P i ATP + H 2 O → cyclic AMP + 2P i The ΔG ’O of hydrolysis of key reactions are as follows: ATP +H 2 O→ADP+P i -30.5 kJ/mol ATP + H 2 O→AMP + PP i -45.6 kJ/mol PP i + H 2 O→2 P i -19.2 kJ/mol UTP +H 2 O→UDP + P i -30.5 kJ/mol UDP -glucose +H 2 O →UDP + glucose -30.5 kJ/mol Glucose -1-phosphate + H 2 O →glucose + P i -20.9 kJ/mol PEP +H 2 O → P i +pyruvate -61.9 kJ/mole cAMP + H 2 O → AMP -41.8 kJ/mol glycerol-3-phosphate + H 2 O →glycerol + P i -10.4 kJ/mol 2. What are NAD + and NADP + ? Show the difference in structure of the nicotinamide ring in the reduced and oxidized state. How many electrons do these molecules carry? 3. What type of enzymes are they used with? What vitamins are they derived from? 4. NAD + is principally used in catabolic reactions. What are catabolic reactions? 5. NADP + is principally used in anabolic reactions. What are anabolic reactions? 6. What is FAD? What vitamin is it derived from? Show the structural difference of FAD in the oxidized and reduced state. What are flavoproteins? 7. Draw the aldolase reaction of glycolysis. This reaction has a ΔG
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StudyGuide-Glycolysis-Gluconeogenesis - I. Co-enzymes,...

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