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Lab4_Gel - fast The linear plasmid moves at about the same...

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23,130 bp Relaxed circular plasmid 9,416 bp 6,557 bp Different stages of coiling 4,361 bp linear (cut) plasmid 2,322 bp 2,027 bp supercoiled plasmid 564 bp Remember, movement is based on both SIZE and SHAPE, as well as net charge, which isn't a major factor here. The RNAs are numerous, small, and of varying sizes. Thats why they produced the large 'smear'. The supercoiled plasmid is small, so it moves
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Unformatted text preview: fast. The linear plasmid moves at about the same rate as the DNA ladder (it is also linear). Plasmids in various stages of coiling move slower than linear, and the relaxed circular plasmid moves slowest. Based on this, can you tell which column is from a blue colony, a white colony, or both? RNA...
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