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cr2nomen - sec tert n don't 4 Append di tri tetra etc to...

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IUPAC/Substitutive Nomenclature for Chem 350 Carey Ch. 2 This first set of rules holds for alkanes, with no functional groups present. 1. Find the longest carbon chain in the molecule. If there's more than one of the same length, choose the one with more branch points (an alkyl group attached to the longest chain). The root name of the molecule will be that alkane , and that longest chain is the principal chain . 2. Number the principal chain from each end, and choose the set of numbers that give the lower number for the first point of difference (branching point) encountered. 3. Sort the remaining groups alphabetically by name (iso- counts in alphabetization;
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Unformatted text preview: sec-, tert-, n- don't). 4. Append di, tri, tetra etc. to any group names if the group occurs more than once in the molecule. Those number prefixes are not part of the alphabetization. 5. Put all group names in their alphabetic order in front of the principal chain name. 6. Assign the appropriate numbers to each group, based on the already-set numbering of the principal chain. These numbers are written just before the group, and are separated from the group names both before and after the number by hyphens. If there are multiple numbers before a group name (e.g. "-2,2,4-trimethyl-") those are separated by commas. 1...
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