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cr4funcgp - alkyl mercaptan Sulfide RSR’ none thioalkoxy...

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Functional Groups and Nomenclature: Chem 350 Carey IUPAC…………………………. Common Class Formula suffix prefix principal Alkane RH none alkyl alkane alkane Alkene C=C -ene alkene alkylene Alkyne CuC -yne alkyne alkyl acetylene Alcohol ROH -ol hydroxy- alkanol alkyl alcohol Alkyl halide RX none halo- haloalkane alkyl halide Amine RNH2 none amino- aminoalkane alkylamine Ether ROR’ none alkoxy- alkoxyalkane alkyl alkyl ether Thiol RSH -thiol mercapto- alkanethiol
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Unformatted text preview: alkyl mercaptan Sulfide RSR’ none thioalkoxy- thioalkoxyalkane alkyl alkyl sulfide Aldehyde RCH=O -al-oxo-alkanal aldehyde* Ketone RC(=O)R’ -one-oxo-alkanone alkyl alkyl ketone Carboxylic acid RC(=O)OH -oic acid carboxy- alkanoic acid carboxylic acid* Carboxylic ester RC(=O)OR’ -oate carbalkoxy- alkyl alkanoate alkyl carboxylate* Precedence:-OH > -SH > -CuC- > C=C > -R, -X, -OR, -SR...
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