RomanCivSyllabus - Fri February 25 Julius Caesar: a New...

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Fri February 25 Julius Caesar: a New Roman Hero Plut, " Caesar" : invasion of Italy: 28-34 ; battle of Pharsalus: 40-46 ; Cato's optimates vs. Caesar's populares : 54-69; WR, 72 - 73. How did Julius Caesar use his campaign in Gaul to solidify his position both with his soldiers and with the Roman electorate back home? How did the almost contemporary deaths of Crassus and Julia spell the end of the First Triumvirate? According to Plutarch, how did Caesar prevail at the battle of Pharsalus, despite having less than half of Pompey’s numbers? What legislation did Julius Caesar pass as dictator? battle of Pharsalus; Julius Caesar's dictatorship Mon February 28 Death throes of the Republic: Second Triumvirate and Cleopatra WR, 74-78; Plut, " Antony," 16-29, 50-54; 58. Who were Antony and Octavian with respect to Julius Caesar? Why was the Second Triumvirate so different from the First? Why does Plutarch disapprove of Antony's relationship with Cleopatra? According to Plutarch, what was the decisive moment during the Battle of Actium? Second Triumvirate; Antonius (Antony); Battle of Actium Wed March 2 Escapism through poetry Virgil, Eclogue 4, and Horace, Epode 16 ( CP, pp. 21-23 ). In Virgil's Eclogue 4, what will happen to the world when the "boy" becomes a "man"? What human activities does Virgil portray as representative of human sin? What is the only remedy to the crisis of civil war Horace can propose in Epode 16? Which features of Horace’s utopia do you find that resemble that of Virgil, Eclogue 4? social commentary of Eclogue 4; social commentary of Epode 16 Fri March 4 Augustus’ “restoration” of the Republic timeline : Appendix 2a ( CP , p. 49) ; Octavian becomes "Augustus," with pseudo-dictatorial powers: WR , 79- 82, 153-56; campaigns: WR , 87-88 ; balancing act between Senate, army, and equites : WR , 187-92. Which two magistracies
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RomanCivSyllabus - Fri February 25 Julius Caesar: a New...

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