ECON263Syllabus(4) - Professor: Ben Zissimos Office: 403...

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Professor: Ben Zissimos TA: Katie Fritzdixon Office: 403 Calhoun Hall Office: Furman 330 Phone: (615) 322 3339 e-: [email protected] e-: [email protected] Office hours: Tues 1-3pm Office hours: Weds 4-6pm ECON 263: International Trade Introduction The course aims to provide students with a toolkit, consisting of the basics of current international trade theory, for analyzing and explaining the motivations behind international trade and its implications. We will be seeking to understand why trade happens, why countries export what they do and how particular groups within a country may benefit or be harmed by trade. We will then consider some circumstances when politicians put in place policies to limit or prevent trade. I want to give a sense of international economics as an applied science, a science that deals with complex issues, and a science that must maintain both internal consistency and external relevance. Accordingly, there will be reference to contemporary economic phenomena, such as immigration, US protectionism, and political inducements to politicians made by lobby groups. The learning experience is not intended to be simply that of acquiring a body of
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ECON263Syllabus(4) - Professor: Ben Zissimos Office: 403...

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