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1 Saint Leo University HCA302 Health Care Organization Course Description: A descriptive study of the U.S. health care system including its structure, finance, governance, personnel, and cultural values. Emphasis is placed on the influences exerted by economic, political, and social forces within the larger society and the health care system’s response to these influences. Prerequisite: No prerequisite Textbooks: Williams, S., and Torrens, P. (2008). Introduction to health services (7 th ed.). Course Objectives: The objectives of the course are: 1. Explain the historical evolution of the U.S. health care system. 2. Explain health services utilization indicators and predictors. 3. Describe the regulatory environment within which health care organizations operate. 4. Identify the various financing mechanisms and their impact on health service delivery. 5. Identify the various health professions practicing within health care organizations and their impact on health service delivery. 6. Articulate the contrasting major views toward solving health care crises presented by various interest groups. 7. Explain the health care organizations operating within the following environments: a. Public health b. Ambulatory health services c. Hospital services d. Long-term care services e. Mental health services Student Evaluation: Assignment Points Total Percent Discussion (7 @10 pts each) 70 15 Papers (3 @ 25 pts each) 75 25 Mid-Term (1) 100 30 Final (1) 100 30 TOTAL Points Available 345 100
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Grade A 94-100% A - 90-93% B + 87-89% B 84-86% B - 80-83% C + 77-79% C 74-76% C - 70-73% D+ 67-69% D 60-66% F 0-59% I W Assignments: Each module consists of some or all of the following coursework: Reading Discussion Essay Exams (Midterm & Final) Papers Recommended Extra Credit Discussion: The discussion question is worth 10 points. The points will be assigned in the following manner: 1 quality posting = 5 points (50%) 2 quality postings = 7.5 points (75%) 3 quality postings = 10 points (100%) Paper Requirements: 1. Three written management papers are required. 2. The papers will consist of concise examinations on specific topics within the modules. 3. The format will be 5 - 7 pages in length and double-spaced. Margins will be 1” for all pages. 4. Students are required to include citations on material quoted or paraphrased using APA format. Please refer to the Documenting Sources section below for more information. 5. Writing will demonstrate a position you are representing and defending in the paper. While there are no specific, right answers on issue, there can be wrong answers. Because of this, you must cite all sources. All students will submit their papers to Turnitin. A plagiarized document will result in a minimum penalty of an “F” for the paper (zero points). Please read the Academic Honesty information below. 6. Proof-read grammar, spelling, and citations of each page of the paper.
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HCA302_syllabus - Saint Leo University HCA302 Health Care...

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