week12 - Assignment#3 1 A citizen's participation in an...

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Assignment #3 1. A citizen's participation in an organized interest group is good for democracy, because it cultivates. D. tolerance, political efficacy, and political trust. 2. what specifically prompted the modern american civil rights movement of 1955-1965? D. faltering civil rights progress after the brown decision 3. What historical trend in this country triggered a reconsideration of forms of legal discrimination against women in the twentieth century? B. the dramatic increase in numbers of woman working outside the home after wwll 4. Equal pay for equal work B. was the principle behind the equal pay act of 1963. 5. Early social movements in the county, such as the abolition, suffrage, and temperance movements helped make average citizens believe that they could attain political power through group action. A. true 6. Which kind of interest group is the american bar association? D. a professional association 7. Gun control advocates in this county. C. represent a majority viewpoint but have spent far less than their opponents 8. Research indicates that current levels of civic engagement are now at their lowest level in american political history. B. false 9. Grassroots mobilization via the internet is particularly effective with. C. young, affluent, and well-educated people. 10. What is a major reason that interest groups need money? C. to raise additional money 11. Being active in an interest group constitutes. B. a legitimate form of political participation.
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week12 - Assignment#3 1 A citizen's participation in an...

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