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EE Department Seminar - EE Department Seminar 10822144D XU...

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EE Department Seminar 10822144D XU Zihao ISE On Nov. 11 th , I took part in the EE department seminar, which Dr. T.F. Chan, give us an impressive lecture about the introduction of EE department. And I got a lot from this helpful two hours. EE department is a great major, which involved helping conserving energy resources, helping protecting the environment, maintain and improving our standard of living and ensure sustainable development. People who are graduated can contribute to developing new technologies, use of new materials, use of new control methods, innovative designs or participation in policy-making. So, as for the Electrical Engineering, it is a kind of technology that is founded on principles of electricity and magnetism, discovered by great scientists such as Faraday, Coulomb, Ampere, Maxwell, Hertz, Tesla, Henry, Ohm, etc. Modern Electrical Engineering involves the application of electric and magnetic principles for betterment of society and mankind.
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