ic - & modelling rapid prototyping product design...

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Industry Center- where we will MAD(make a difference) Department: ME 10803627D Li Xuehan Last Friday, we have a visit to the Industry Center. I take IC as a common industry at first, but after the brief introduce which was given at the beginning of the class, I totally change my view. I was told that the IC learning activities also extend to non-engineering disciplines including Applied Physics, Health Technology & Informatics, Design, etc. The IC has over 20 workshops and 10 accredited, authorised & joint training centres specialized on disciplines including electronics, intelligent automation, CNC, surface finishing, welding, sheet metal, photochemical machining, digital inspection
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Unformatted text preview: & modelling, rapid prototyping, product design, building & construction, electrical & building services and occupational & environmental safety. I was convinced by the achievement that tutor showed us. The Industry Center is supported by a lot of companies because it’s training concept which emphasized both theory and practical training with the support from industry. And IC do not live up to them, it achieve a lot since it was founded. Many outcomes have been put into industry. As a student of ME department, I could not hold the exciting, when I was touching so many high-end equipments which can be used by us in the future. I cannot waiting for next move....
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ic - & modelling rapid prototyping product design...

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