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EIE Department Seminar - EIE Department Seminar 10803627 D...

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EIE Department Seminar 10803627 D Li Xuehan M E At first I would like to express my pleasure for being a member of ME department. After the first class’s brief introduction by Winco K.C.Yung. Although I’m major in PAED, what the Dr. C.K.Leung discussed about EIE department indeed taught me a lot anyway. At the beginning of the class, he leave us a question: what is the engineering? In his words, engineering is the problem solving method, which can solve all kinds of problems, not only the technology problem. Engineering is the technical way about inventing things to make human life easier, safer and better. The key point is about making new things, or finding a new way to do something, it is about application and innovation. In other words, it is a sort of invention process that needs to be design things creatively from different angles. It’s a whole system, we should think the problem from various angles. Any aspect changed can make a big difference.
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  • Spring '11
  • Dr.T.T.Wong
  • Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, EIE Department, EIE Department Seminar, The Twenty Engineering Inventions

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