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IE 370 review (guideline for final) Please check class headup notes, and homeworks and quiz. Give a summary for yourself. For example, the following topics are important. 1. Traditional metal machining Machining process mechanism. Disadvantage and advantages of traditional machining process What are the differences between different materials in terms of chip formation? Effects of thermal property and specific energy on cutting temperature. Explain why they are different based on orthogonal metal cutting model and stress/strain relationship of brittle/ductile materials. (Use shear strain = AC/BD in merchant’s model) Using the merchant circle diagram to expresss the mathematical relationships between F, N, Fs, Fn, Fc, Ft, α , β , φ , S, and cutting power? What factors will affects cutting temperature and how they affect? (specific energy of cutting, thermal properties, depth of cutting)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. nontraditional machining (NTM) Understand the process conditions --- the energy carrier, working media, and energy conversion of each NTM process. The applicability, disadvantage and advantages of each NTM processes. Physical process mechanism of AWJM, EDM, ECM, Laser beam machining, plasma arc machining. 4. IC fabrication Processing Sequence for Silicon-based ICs (three major steps) Lithography: purpose, types (in terms of energy source, and process setup). IC fabrication: add, alter, and remove selected regions. Thermal oxidation – adds SiO2 layer on Si substrate Chemical vapor deposition- adds various layers Metallization processes- adds metal layers for electrical conduction Diffusion and ion implantation- alters chemistry of an existing layer or substrate Etching processes- removes portions of layers to achieve desired IC details Functions of IC packaging....
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