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HW201Solution - Homework 1(due Jan 21th in class Problems 1...

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Homework 1 (due Jan 21th in class): Problems 1. What role does manufacturing play relative to the standard of living of a country? (1’) Manufacturing is critical to a country’s economic welfare and standard of living which is determined primarily by goods and services. 2. Give examples of a job shop, flow shop, and project shop. (2’) Job shop-an injection mold manufacturing shop Flow shop-moving assembly line for cars Project shop-the construction of bridge road, the manufacturing of airplane ship 3. How does a manufacturing system differ from a manufacturing process? What are the definitions of machine tool, job and operation? (2’) Manufacturing system is a collection of operations and processes to produce a desired product or component, it’s the design or arrangement of the manufacturing processes. While a manufacturing processes converts unfinished materials to finished products. Machine tool is an assembly that produces a desired result Job is a group of related operations generally done at one station Operation is a distinct action to produce a desired result or effect 4. What manufacturing processes needs to make use of mass diffusion?
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