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Homework 3 (due Feb.11) 1. Describe the four basic families of shape production processes. Ans: Casting is when molten material is poured into a mold and hardened. Material removal is when material is cut away from a larger object. Deformation is when the object is shaped by applying forces to it. Consolidating involves combining materials by methods such as welding and soldering. 2. Describe the six steps of metal casting. Ans: Mold cavity is produced having the desired shape and size of the part Melting process Pouring technique Solidification process Mold removal Cleaning, finishing and inspection operations 3. Describe die casting, investment casting and sand casting. Die casting: molten metal is forced into metal molds under pressures of several thousand pounds per square inch and held under high pressure during solidification. Investment casting: uses the same type of molding aggregate as the ceramic molding process Sand casting: granular refractory material is mixed with small amounts of other materials, such as clay and water, and is then packed around a pattern that has the shape of the desired casting. 4.
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Homework%203%20solution - Homework 3 (due Feb.11) 1....

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