F10 Sol - \,/ IE 336 Oct. 8, 2010 Name: stfur [" Test...

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IE 336 Oct. 8, 2010 Name: €stfur [" Test ffL 1. In this problem we study how successful a particular type of studying can be. Let there be a student named Michael who hardly ever studies until the last night before the exam. That strategy sometimes works and sometimes fails. At some point he has to take a multiple choice type of exam which seems as an ideal opportunity to exercise the strategy again. The exam has 20 questions and each of the questions has 5 possible answers and only one of them is correct. All of the 20 questions are supposed to come from a set of 300 questions. The night before the exam, Michael managed to memorize a group of 300 questions and seemed to be in great shape for the exam. Little did he know that there are two groups of 300 questions and that only one of them contains the 20 questions that are to be on the exams. Of course (as it usually happens in situations like this) Michael ended up memorizing the "wrong" group of questions and finds himself facing the exam problems without any knowledge that would help him solve any of them. He is therefore forced to answer questions by random guessing. It is known that the correct answer to each question is worth 1 point and an incorrect answer is worth -1 point. A question is considered answered if exactly one of 5 possible answers is selected, Every question that is not answered is worth 0 points. (a) If
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F10 Sol - \,/ IE 336 Oct. 8, 2010 Name: stfur [" Test...

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