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1. Thomas Frank: Transporation Security Administration (TSA) scanners are a revolutionary new technology being used in airport security; there are opposing views on the implementation of these scanners. Chris Kapper: The safety and security we gain from implementing TSA scanners trumps the minor loss liberty. The tone in Sharkey’s piece is a critique on the new X-rays. However, it is sometimes satirical and even playful, such as in the opening sentence; the writer alludes to X-ray glasses advertised on the back of old comic books. His article becomes a bit more scathing as it goes; he posits that the scanners are an invasion of privacy (using Scannell’s description of the TSA scanners as a “peep show”) and ineffective (specifically drawing attention to how easy it is to “thwart body scanning”). 2. Arguments help us formulate good decisions and plans, and allow us to articulate these decisions and plans to other people. This is an essential component of our life as students, workers, citizens and consumers. For example, a solid argument will help us convey our ideas to our superiors in the workplace, vote for candidates that will bring about positive
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ch1 - 1. Thomas Frank: Transporation Security...

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