IE 386 Lab 10 2 - Lab 10: Human-in-the-loop Simulation...

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Lab 10: Human-in-the-loop Simulation Stephanie Bonk and Samuel Todd IE 386 Sections 1 and 3
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In this lab, the situation presented was a three step manufacturing process for moving boxes. The boxes at the processing queue were transported by two operators to either processor A, processor B, or processor C. The processors automatically fed the boxes to the tester queue. At this point, a forklift driver moved the boxes from the queue to the tester piece of equipment. In the first run of the simulated manufacturing process, the tester queue of 149 units was holding up the flow of boxes through the process. Boxes were waiting for an avg. of 2101.129 hours to be moved by the forklift driver. In order to decrease the waiting time we needed to add another tester in the model. The supervisor had offered to hire an additional personnel or an additional piece of tester equipment to alleviate the bottleneck. Three different alternatives were tested separately to attempt to make the flow of boxes better. Initially, a third operator was hired to move boxes from the
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IE 386 Lab 10 2 - Lab 10: Human-in-the-loop Simulation...

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