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IE 386 Work Analysis & Design I Instructor: Vincent Duffy Lab 4: Material Handling Spring 2011: Wed-Fri. February 9-11, 2011 Objectives: Analyze the Work Task titled “Lifting the Reel” . Guidance can be found in the Lab instruction packet. You should use the NIOSH Lift Analysis to decide whether the workstation is suitable initially when lifting from the front, and if not, whether the task has lower risk when lifting from the side. Brief description of further re-design should be included, if the task needs remediation (if the load to be lifted is greater than the recommended weight limit) using both the front and side lift. You can report any improvements in the condition through the redesign of task or work station as presented. However, you can assume ultimately that the task or work station needs remediation/further redesign if the load to be lifted is ultimately greater than the recommended weight limit. In that case, you and your teammates should state whether the analysis tool is appropriate under these task circumstances. If so, then determine appropriate
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