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Ocean Spray Cranberries in 2003: At the Crossraods 1. What is competition like in the cranberry juice industry? Which of the five competitive forces is strongest? Which is weakest? Is the cranberry juice industry attractive from the standpoint of the nature and strength of competition? 2. How is the fruit juice industry changing? What are the underlying drivers of change and how might those driving forces individually or collectively change competition in the industry? 3. What does your strategic group map of the cranberry industry look like? Which strategic groups (or companies) do you think are in the best positions on the map?
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Unformatted text preview: The worst positions? 4. What key factors determine whether a cranberry producer will be successful in this industry? 5. What is Ocean Spray’s strategy for competing in the cranberry juice industry? How successful has the strategy been in producing consistent financial performance? 6. What recommendations would you make to Ocean Spray Cranberries to improve cranberry prices and share prices for its cooperative producer-members? Are there other strategic issues that should be addressed in a strategic action plan? Copyright © 2003 GLO-BUS Software, Inc. Page 1...
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