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Case10-Valassis - 7 What are Valassis’ key resource...

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Valassis Communications, Inc. 1. What is competition like in the U.S. coupon industry? What competitive forces have the greatest effect on industry attractiveness from the standpoint of firms in the coupon industry such as Valassis? 2. How is the U.S. coupon industry changing? What are the underlying drivers of change? 3. What key factors determine the success of a company in the U.S. coupon industry? 4. What is Valassis Communications’ business model—how does it go about making money in the coupon industry? 5. What generic competitive strategy is Valassis employing? What are the benefits and potential weaknesses of the generic strategy Valassis has chosen? Are the business model and generic strategy supportive of each other? 6. How successful has Valassis been so far with its business strategy in terms of financial performance and stakeholder satisfaction?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What are Valassis’ key resource strengths and weaknesses? What new opportunities does Valassis have? What external threats do you see? What does a SWOT analysis reveal about the attractiveness of Valassis’ situation and market position? Do a SWOT analysis to support your answers. 8. What are the key components of Valassis’ e-commerce strategy? Is the strategy well suited to its business model and overall strategy? Does the e-commerce strategy allow Valassis to leverage its resource strengths? Why or why not? 9. What strategic issues does Valassis management need to address? 10. What strategic actions would you recommend to Valassis management? What other strategic options should be considered to enhance good future performance? Copyright © 2003 GLO-BUS Software, Inc. Page 1...
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