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Microsoft’s Xbox 1. What are the dominant economic characteristics of the video game console industry? 2. What is competition like in the video game console industry? What does a five- forces analysis reveal about the nature of the industry and the strength of each force? 3. What forces are driving changes in the video game industry? 4. How does Microsoft’s position in the video game industry compare with key rivals? What does a strategic group map reveal about Microsoft’s position? 5. What drives success and failure in the video game console market? What do you see as the key success factors in the video game hardware business? 6. Is the video game console industry attractive from the perspective of a company like Microsoft? Why or why not? 7. What are the key features of Microsoft’s strategy in the video game console industry? What do you like about the strategy? What weaknesses do you see in Microsoft’s strategy? What grade would you give Microsoft’s strategy? 8.
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Unformatted text preview: What does a SWOT analysis for Microsoft reveal about its ability to successfully participate in the video game console industry? What are Microsoft's strengths and weaknesses for challenging existing market participants? Does it have any sources of sustainable competitive advantage? What do you see as the pros and cons of Microsoft’s approach to producing the Xbox? 9. What does a weighted competitive strength assessment of Microsoft versus Sony and Nintendo reveal about Microsoft’s competitive position? Use the methodology presented in Table 3-4 of Chapter 3 to answer this question. 10. What specific issues does Microsoft face in this business and what options should management consider to help Microsoft generate profits in this business? 11. What are the chances that Microsoft can generate profits from its Xbox business? Do you think Microsoft will be successful in video games? Why or why not? Copyright © 2003 GLO-BUS Software, Inc. Page 1...
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