CEE_304_2nd_Exam2006r - CEE 304 - Uncertainty Analysis in...

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Unformatted text preview: CEE 304 - Uncertainty Analysis in Engineering Second Examination November 10, 2006r You may use text, your notes and calculators. No laptops or cell phones. There are 50 points in total, one per minute. 1. (8 pts) A metal chain is constructed from individual links. Testing revealed that individual links essentially have a Weibull distribution with mean of 142 and a Weibull shape parameter k = 10. Note that (1 + 1/10) = 0.95135, and (1 + 2/10) = 0.91817. (a) What is the 0.1 percentile of the distribution (p = 0.001) of individual links? (b) What is the mean strength of a chain composed of 1000 links? 2. (8 pts) A biological engineer collects individual water samples of volume V, where V is lognormally distributed with mean 0.50 liters and a standard deviation of 0.10 liters. Into these samples she spoons a preservative whose mass M is lognormally distributed with a median of 150 g and a coefficient of variation of 20%. Thus the concentration of the preservative in the samples is C = 0.001 M V in mg/liter. What is the mean and coefficient of variation of the concentrations C ? 3. (8 pts) A construction firm employs non-destructive testing equipment that measures the quality of concrete in place. For a particular index of concrete hardness, they take 10 independent measurements of the concrete in the Broad Street highway bridge and found that h = 61.8, with s h 2 = 8.4. (a) Using that data, construct a 99 percent confidence for the true Broad Street concrete hardness....
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CEE_304_2nd_Exam2006r - CEE 304 - Uncertainty Analysis in...

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