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FRACTAL METAMATERIAL MONOPOLE ANTENNA: The Metacloak™ Monopole Fractal Antenna Systems,Inc. © 2009 5 October 2009 (rev 6 Oct) INTRODUCTION A White Paper on the Metacloak™ Monopole will be out on 25 October. In the meantime, lots of folks want to ask ‘what did you do?’ This summary addresses that. Keep in mind we have many other antenna and array examples and types (with more expanded radiation characteristics), and we present this one as the simplest and easiest to learn from. There will be a peer reviewed journal publication that explains the results and why they are important—scientifically. Right now the best –practical—takeaway is that this new technology allows you to define a new CLASS of antenna design where antennas are made from layers of fractal metamaterial circuit boards, that cover without connections and have unusual properties of bandwidth and control of power pattern. Hence, in this case, a ‘slip-on’. Think: walls; vehicular and vessel sides; clothes; coverings; surfaces in general. Also, we do have patents on this technology with others pending; we’ve been doing this for quite a while. Additionally, we wanted everyone to have a sense of the ‘
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FractalMetamaterialMonopoleAntennaWhatWeDid - FRACTAL...

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