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Labview In Matlab - Integrating Measurements in The...

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Integrating Measurements in The MathWorks Inc. MATLAB ® with the LabVIEW Math Interface Toolkit National Instruments LabVIEW is the industry-standard software tool for acquiring, analyzing, and presenting data. LabVIEW offers over 400 analysis functions for programmatically extracting information from measurement data. However, certain applications require interactive analysis capabilities for building customized analysis algorithms from a series of primitive commands. Analysis-specific environments such as Xmath, part of NI MATRIXx , and The MathWorks Inc. MATLAB ® offer algorithm scripting capabilities to interactively design custom analysis routines. However, these analysis environments fall short when attempting to verify the custom analysis routine with real-world data. The National Instruments Math Interface Toolkit (MIT) allows LabVIEW developers to seamlessly call LabVIEW virtual instruments (VIs) from the MATLAB analysis environment. MIT converts any LabVIEW VI into a MATLAB MEX function, allowing users to call the VI in MATLAB as if it were a native function. Using MIT, LabVIEW developers can leverage industry-leading I/O connectivity to quickly create a data acquisition or instrument control VI which can then be called from MATLAB. In addition, the MIT allows users to take advantage of all LabVIEW functionality, including customizable user interfaces, in a form callable as a native MATLAB function. This paper provides an introduction to the instrument communication and PC-based hardware acquisition capabilities of LabVIEW, followed by an introduction to the Math Interface Toolkit. The paper then concludes with importing MATLAB script into LabVIEW. Acquiring Data Using Stand-Alone Instruments LabVIEW simplifies the process of connecting to and communicating with your stand-alone instruments, regardless of the communication protocol. LabVIEW allows you to easily communicate via GPIB, serial, Ethernet, USB, and FireWire busses with any instrument, including PXI and VXI systems. In addition, the National Instruments Instrument Driver Network ( ) contains LabVIEW instrument drivers for over 1,700 instruments from more than 150 vendors. Instrument drivers are the key to rapid development of instrument control applications.
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Labview In Matlab - Integrating Measurements in The...

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