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HUM111 week 1 assignment - Global Warming and Our...

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Global Warming and Our Communities 1 Global Warming and Our Communities Melynda Knowles HUM/111r 04/17/2011 Carrie Vetrovsky
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Global Warming and Our Communities 5 Greenpeace is an independent, global environmental organization that takes a stand against using harmful chemicals that will put our oceans, forest, and air in jeopardy. With the growing use of fossil fuels such as coal, our air and water that we drink are in great danger of becoming contaminated by the toxic sludge and smoke that is created by the burning of coal. Global warming is a danger to every human, animal, sea life, our water and the air. One of the biggest contributers to the pollution problem is the burning of coal. The problem is that with this fossil fuel along with others, such as oil and gas, we have become reliant on them to fuel our energy needs. The problem is that the fuels release certain gases into the air like carbon dioxide. With to much carbon dioxide in the air, which is know as the warming gas, it creates the “greenhouse effect” in the atmosphere.
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