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Wk8DQ2 - Vehicles Sports cars and Mini-Vans The prices to...

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The two examples I decided to provide for compare and contrast essay are first about Ford vehicles and Chevy vehicles. The second example and contrast essay I chose to discuss is about Identical twins and fraternal twins. Firstly Ford and Chevy vehicles have many similarities and differences. Some of the similarities I found are that both Ford and Chevy owners are loyal to their choice of vehicle and Ford and Chevy are in a close competition. Both Ford and Chevy have different varieties in trucks, ranging from full size trucks, small, large trucks for heavy duty hauling. They both have Sport Utility
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Unformatted text preview: Vehicles, Sports cars and Mini-Vans. The prices to purchase a vehicle are comparable as well. The differences are they way they look, the way they drive or perform on the highway and off road. In comparison of visibility in the Ford Expedition and the Chevy Tahoe, the Expedition has a blind spot making it difficult to back up and the Tahoe has no visibility issues. The second compare and contrast I chose was about Fraternal and Identical Twins. Both sets twins have similarities and differences. There are many things you can compare and contrast on twins; looks, personalities, and many more....
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