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Wk6DQ2 - outcomes you can do just about anything to...

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When writing a persuasive essay there are a few things that can and should probably be done in order to make it persuasive. One technique is it very important in an essay is repetition. Repetition is important because, a person can not agree with you if they do not get what you are saying. Prognosticate is another good technique when writing an essay. Prognosticate means to be an indication of the likely future course of something. If you can persuasively present a generalization of current events into likely future
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Unformatted text preview: outcomes, you can do just about anything to persuade your reader. Another technique I find to be important is using comparisons. By using comparisons a person can relate to the situation, it is something that the reader already accepts to be true. Therefore making the writer well on their way to convincing someone to see things his or her way. I do have a few other techniques I will be using as well, but I find these three to be very helpful....
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