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Television and movies are one of the most popular and probably the most publicly accessible media of art in the modern world. Television and movies often reflects the views and social standards of a society. As ideas and themes become main stream in society so do they become more widespread on television and at the theater. Television, especially American television has long had restrictions against behavior considered unorthodox, immoral and unsavory. As social values change, so does television reflecting viewpoints which were once considered against the norm and are now nothing out of the ordinary. Shows portraying witchcraft, alternative lifestyles, sexually explicit language and extreme violence are now commonly played in many
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Unformatted text preview: living rooms around the country. Homosexuality was once offensive at the American family dinner table is now openly displayed in public, and on television and movies. There are several shows where the main character or characters are openly homosexual. This issue although still sensitive in conservative circles is considered perfectly normal behavior in mainstream American society. Shows like “The Beaver,” reflect how our society use to be. Wholesome, loving, and with high moral standards, unlike the movies and shows of today, There is too much violence, sexual conduct, just down right inappropriate behavior and language....
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