FINAL - Race and Your Community 1 Race and Your Community...

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Race and Your Community 1 Race and Your Community Tara Clapp ETH/125 March 20, 2011 Ryan O'Kelly
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Race and Your Community 2 Race and Your Community Growing up in a(the) small town of Coopersville Michigan that was predominantly white, I was not exposed to many an abundance of different races in my community. Living (Growing up) in a trailer park was a community within itself holding many different families. Sure there were was you your average traditonal caucasion white traditional families and an African American or Mexican family here and there, but it was very seldom because my community was mainly a white populated community. As I became older I was able to venture outside of my proverbial (at least what was expected of a small town) community. This gave me the experience to recognize many different races other than my own. Grand Rapids is a major city within Michigan filled with variant types of races and cultures . T the city is primarily made up of White, African Americans African American, and Mexicans Mexican race. Depending on what street you drive down or what part of town you travel to will determine what culture you will enter. Being in Grand Rapids opened my eyes to the vast cultural differences that existed in Grand Rapids, it was a little bit of a culture shock for me compared to the culture I was brought up in as a small town girl. Granted Grand Rapids was the marker in the beginning of my conscientious awareness in the evaluation of cultural differences, and the relations between different ethnic groups. Grand Rapids was not the only city that I have ever lived in. The current city that I call home is Allendale which resides in Michigan. Allendale is a small town that homes Grand Valley State University. A majority Majority of this town is made up of White Americans, but there is a small portion of African and Hispanic Americans. The members of my the community do look like me, except for certain physical characteristics which is are expected since not everyone is identical to their neighbor. The seldom few who do not look like me are those of different race. According to U.S Census Bureau (2011) 17,004 whites alone reside in Allendale, and only 449 African Americans reside in the small town.
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FINAL - Race and Your Community 1 Race and Your Community...

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