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DQ1: In this week’s video, Bill Goodykoontz discusses the effects of violence on audiences and  gamers. How much responsibility do filmmakers, game manufacturers, etc. bear when it comes  to depicting violence? How much responsibility do parents have in allowing children exposure to  these sources?   In my opinion, the manufacturers and filmmakers have a fair amount of responsibility with how they portray violence in their games. Like Bill Goodykoontz stated in the video transcript, “I am not aware that it has really been proven beyond a doubt that it does make the audience more violent.” I think that movies and games have an impact on their perspective audiences, but they are not entirely responsible for how they act. The companies can control the violence in games, but it won't change how society acts. Not to mention the fact that violence sells, these days. Conversely, the parents are most responsible in controlling what their children come in
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HUM-176-Week-6-DQs -...

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