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03/19/2011 Rating and news sites HUM176 On the 18 th of March 2011, the different news sites around the world published the story that the food in Japan including tap water, spinach, and milk have been contaminated due to the iodine radiation that is harmful to human health. Numerous news sites across the world published this information. The sources of information of all the news sites being different, the same news story turned out in all the newspapers differently. In the first news “The Radiation found in Japanese milk, spinach,” the information about this news story was presented with all the necessary details in a much summarized pattern as compared to a few other websites that presented the same information in a very elaborate manner with many details. The website told first the breaking news about the contaminated food, because of nuclear radiation after the earthquake in Japan was halted by the government bodies as it would be harmful for the health and lives of its citizens. Further it provided a scientific fact that the radioactive iodine has the property to decay in some weeks but still there remains a short term risk to human health and hence its supply and consumption should be halted. Followed by this, a number of statistics were provided in the article for the readers which informed them that the radiation exceeded safety limits made by Government. The tainted milk was 20 miles apart while the spinach was 60 to 75 miles apart. The areas which were contaminated provided for most of the fruit items for the country and hence could have affected the lives and health of the
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whole country. The readers of the news were assured in the article that other food items were also being tested, and if any contamination would be sensed, the supply would be cut short. Only
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ratings and news sites - 03/19/2011 Rating and news sites...

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