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Final assignment - Breaking News 1 Final Assignment Tara...

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Breaking News 1 Final Assignment Tara Clapp Hum 176 Sunday, October 24, 2010 Chris Theim
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Part One Richmond park in Grand Rapids Michigan is a well known park that is enjoyed year-round. The joyful glee of young children playing on the swing set fills the summer air, this is what you will experience when you visit Richmond park in the summer months. This well maintained park offers families, children, and family pets an outdoor playground they can enjoy. The park contains slides for all ages, swings to soar high, wadding pools for toddlers, a water park for families to escape the summer heat, ponds to feed the ducks and a hill that is well-known for winter sports. Having this park readily available at any time is a great escape for those who may not have a backyard for their children to enjoy. With the economy on a downfall Richmond park must be shut down three days a week. The Grand Rapids city council came to the conclusion that by shutting down the park three days a week will help save on expenses. It is very expensive to run the water park and keep up on maintenance. By shutting down Richmond park the city will be saving money, the money saved can go to road commission to fix those horrible cracks in the main roads. This breaking news will be delivered to the media tonight at 10p.m, this can be viewed on the local news station channel. While this breaking news of Richmond park being shut down three days a week is going to have a great effect on local viewers, we have another breaking story to compete with, the death of Anna Nicole Smith. This middle aged actress was found dead this morning in her hotel room
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