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Tracking the intersection of Culture and Mdia

Tracking the intersection of Culture and Mdia - future...

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Tracking the Intersection of Culture and Media Week 3 HUM/176 Beyond Scared Straight, an eye opener. Beyond Scared Straight is a television series that airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. On the A&E network. The show takes teen that are at risk and heading down the wrong path because they are involved in illegal activities like dealing or taking drugs, robbery, and could be as minor as being disrespectful to their parents and skipping school. The program is inmate run with each youth in the end being coupled up with an individual that is incarcerated for a similar situation the teen has been in. This is more than just entertainment. Beyond Scared Straight has different kids on each week with different backgrounds that many youth now a days can relate to. With the influence that television has on many, it is possible that when watching this show, just one child will be able to relate to a story they hear and make them envision that if they stay on the path they are on, it could be them, in the
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Unformatted text preview: future behind bars. The inmates do not hold back on the children. They tell it like it is and just what and probably would happen to them if they end up behind bars. Most of the inmates in the program were all convicted of pretty horrendous crimes and admit to them, but in a cretain episode, on perticulair inmate who is in a Calfornia prison was sentenced to life on a probation violation for stealing a candy bar. California has a three strike rule and with your third stike, no matter what the crime, you get life. If that doesn't make kids stop and think about the path they are going down, not really sure anything will. In the end, Beyond Scared Straight has had a wonderful influence on many of the teens and they have turned their lives around, but there are the ones that believe that nothing will happen to them and they kept doing wrong and ended up in jail. Melynda Knowles [email protected] EST...
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