CheckPoint race and ethnicity

CheckPoint race and ethnicity - ethnicity is defined as the...

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Defining Race and Ethnicity 1 CheckPoint 1-18-2011 Defining Race and Ethnicity ETH/125 Ryan O'Kelly
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Defining Race and Ethnicity 2 CheckPoint Assignment due January 18, 2011 Write a 200-to 300-word summary that answers the following questions: 1. What do the terms race and ethnicity mean to you? 2. Why are these concepts important to the United States society? To me race is a color of a persons skin, everyone has a color to their skin. People are born with different skin colors like white, black, and brown. After reading and doing research on race, I learned that the term race is characterized by a group of humans on the basis of heritable characteristics such as skin color, hair, and eyes. Honestly prior to this weeks readings I had thought that ethnicity and race were very much the same thing, or hand in hand with each other. While researching ethnicity I learned that
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Unformatted text preview: ethnicity is defined as the cultural characteristics that of a particular group or groups of people to each other. Ethnicity is characterized by nationality, tribal affiliation, religious faith, shared language, and cultural backgrounds. I am not positively sure why race and ethnicity are important concepts to the United States society. Cultural diversity, racism, and equality come to mind when I try to answer this question. I am far from racist, but there are a ton of Americans who are racist, this will never change. In order for our country to be equal and free, we must accept every race and ethnicity. This way one race or another is not being showed favoritism by the government or society. I personally do not find these concepts important, everyone is the same to me, even if there skin is a different color than mine....
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CheckPoint race and ethnicity - ethnicity is defined as the...

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