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wk4 dq2 - categories will also continue to get better I...

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Wk4 dq2 I think two of the most difficult societal challenges facing modern African- Americans would be criminal justice, and health care. Our text tells us that one of the main reasons these challenges are an issue is because in both categories African-Americans are underrepresented. However I think this delima is directly affected by the racial imbalances in our economy and education. Our text tells us that the African-American population has made leaps and bounds in the last generation as far as family income and higher education, but even today housing and schools are almost segregated; possibly not so much in higher education, although our text does tell us that the percentage of black students participating in higher education is lower than that of white students. Because of economic issues though I'm sure more expensive universities and colleges are predominantly white students. All of these categories seem to tie into each other, as African- American society continues to advance in any one given category, the other
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Unformatted text preview: categories will also continue to get better. I think education is probably the first thing that will make a difference in improvements in Black society. With more percentages of Black youth attending college and making a higher income, climbing the social latter, eventually that class will help to change the (unfortunately) condoned social discrimination that is seen in the housing and criminal justice systems- because more Black-Americans will be in classes of society that are treated more equally; they will remove themselves from segregated urban areas and fall out of the unfortunate stereotype that is, "ghetto inner city." I think our society has advanced very far in the last couple generations, racism, discrimination, and segregation are now days socially unacceptable, fifty years ago that wasn't the case. There is still a long way to go but with the positive advances in the last generation I believe, and hope, that all of these issues will soon be a thing of the past....
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