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wk8 dq1 - Americans a single culture it is absolutely not...

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Wk8 dq1 To hear that Asian Americans are "model minority" just refers to how well Asian Americans have over come discrimination and adapted to living in the U.S. They have done very well in education, politics, and financially which are things that other minorities in the U.S. struggle with. They are not perfect as a minority, but they have done very well for themselves living in the U.S. and that's where I think the misconception comes into play. When it comes to calling Asian
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Unformatted text preview: Americans a single culture it is absolutely not true and offends most Asian Americans. Even though most Asian Americans have the same physical features as well as body type and accent they are from many different country. So i think that calling them one culture in America is not neccessarily racist but its not appropriate and its rude towards them....
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