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dq1 - judged based upon ideas that might not relate for all...

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ETH/125 week 2 DQ1 DQ 1 The act of grouping people is very diffrent from the act of stereotyping. When grouping people the group of people have a similar trait that defines them into that group for whatever reasons there may be. Most white supremacy groups have the same general feelings about people not of their race, but that isn't the mind frame of all people who are white which would then make that a stereotype. When a certain group of people are placed without reason is when its classified as stereotyping. Stereotyping usually is when people for whatever reasons are
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Unformatted text preview: judged based upon ideas that might not relate for all people of that same nationality, heritage, or religion. Group relations are usually affected by stereotypes when they tend too always favor the rights of that particular group. In my everyday life one of the most common stereotypes that surrounded me has always been because im not very tall, i shouldn't be able too do the things that i do, or be good at particular activities that people who are taller are good at. I made it a point too shred that stereotype along time ago by working hard at everything I do....
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