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wk2 dq2 - it will make her happy and that in today's...

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Week 2 dq2 If I was Deana I would first be a little understanding but all in all I would convey that my decision has been made about my decision to go to college. It is Deana's life to live and if she wants to make the decision to go to college her family needs to understand that we all have one life to live and we must do the best we can while we are here. A lot of families believe that going to college is for people from well to do families and their past generations did not go to college so it becomes a trend in families over the decades. Deana should sit down with them and discuss how her decision to go to college is her dream and
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Unformatted text preview: it will make her happy and that in today's society it is so much easier to go to school than before. She should show her family the process she went through to enroll in college and explain what program she used to receive assistance if needed. I would also explain that my decision to go to college might open the door for my younger siblings or parents to decide to go to college. I feel that my family will be more understanding if I let them know that if they love me they will respect my decision. In today's economy having a higher education definitely makes you more marketable in your career path....
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