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wk6 dq1 - this"Where is the money going" The...

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Wk6 dq1 It seems that all these organizations started out doing good, but somehow seem to have lost their sole purposes. I am not quite understanding how they start off with the good of the tribes, but some of the tribes are suffering immensely. The National Indian Gaming Association brings in millions yearly, yet still some tribes are impoverished. After reading the material on Native Americans, I found out that all tribes does not reap the benefits of the casinos. I do not understand
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Unformatted text preview: this,"Where is the money going?" The Bureau of Indian Affairs and The National Congress of American Indians, were designed to help Native Americans keep their land and try to prosper, but somehow they got knocked down. Different acts and treaties were put in place to keep them there. I think all the tribes need to join together to get better heard, because some seem to be against the others....
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