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wk8 dq2 - “Chinatown” status and attract tourist from...

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Wk 8 dq2 Both Japanese and Chinese Americans have experienced years of racism, prejudice, and discrimination in the United States; much like other groups that are non white. The main difference between what the Chinese and Japanese experienced is how the Japanese were placed in evacuation camps after the start of world war two. This action taken by the United States marks the biggest difference between the two cultures. Other than that both groups have been looked down upon equally, and denied jobs due to their cultural background. Fortunately Chinese Americans have had the opportunity to utilize there
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Unformatted text preview: “Chinatown” status and attract tourist from all over to buy their products. In many cities the profit from tourist is their main source of income. The down fall to having a tourist attraction is, due to so many people coming to visit, China town has gained a reputation to live up to, and cannot afford to show its true poverty level in fear of losing customers. Japanese Americans don’t have that luxury, not many tourists care to visit Japanese sites in America....
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