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ETH 125 Week 9 Day 4 Capstone Discussion Question

ETH 125 Week 9 Day 4 Capstone Discussion Question -...

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Capstone CheckPoint The previous weeks in my Cultural Diversity class I have learned a significant amount of information about race and ethnicity in the United States. As a white female growing up in a very small rural town, I did not know much about other races or culture outside of my own. I was not exposed to different races which lead me to believe that all people are the same including the way people came about and their history. This class has helped me shape a better understanding of the challenges all the different minority groups have faced in their history as well as the challenges today. During this past nine weeks the course did not focus subject on my personal cultural history. My cultural history is made of of a few different groups German, Dutch, French and Irish to name a few. I am not very close with my distant family, so not being able to listen to their history is a downfall for me. Curiosity did get the best of me, I did research a little bit about German and Dutch. Prior to this class I had absolutely no
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